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Eddie Torres Replay

Mambo Choreography 

Thank you for joining Eddie Torres at NYC Mambo! Attached below  are the list of shines from the 1st session:

  1. Double kick 

  2. Ublabadu - Ublabada

  3. Boogie Woogie 

  4. Cross-over Heel step

  5. Synocopated Chord Beat (Paquin-quin)

  6. Counter Point Angle

  7. Cross Kick Tap

  8. Triple Side Triplets

  9. 2.3.1 Cha - Cha Combo

  10. Toe Heel Travel 

  11. Tell it to the Judge

  12. Toe Heel V

  13. Double Flick Slick

  14. Kick Jiggle Wiggle


Song Details: Descarga Cachao by Cachao 

Descarga Cachao Cachao

If you have any questions feel free to contact

See you next week!

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