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Eddie Torres Replay

Boogaloo Choreography 

1. Start clapping
2. Cat walk/Double Side Tap Boogaloo
3. Semi Cut Away
4. Off to see the Wizard
5. Toe Heel V Step
6. Forward + Reverse Grapevine
7. Wapacha
8. Palo-Changa
9. Traveling Wapacha
10. Long Traveling Pachanga Step
11. SHUFFLE BREAK (shuffle x2, suzy Q x2 , cross x4, break forward into suzy Q cross back (4+5), cross back x2, into pose (break) (8+)
12. Strut Left break 
13. Strut Right break
14. Strut Forward
15. Cross Hop open, Cross Right, open
16. Left Turn (in place, cross Right foot over Left foot)
17. Shoulder Wave

Oh That's Nice

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